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The blues are taken to Seville, Valle, with the 'Blues Festival on the Balc

Blues Festival on the Balcony

The blues are taken to Seville, Valle, with the 'Blues Festival on the Balc

The lively rhythm of a guitar that goes back and forth through the same musical phrase, the nostalgic melodies of harmonics and saxophones; as well as the calls of voices that express their feelings rudely. These are some of the characteristics that make blues the most influential and cult music worldwide.

And although the blues was born more than a century ago in tobacco plantations on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the United States, this has not been an obstacle so that, even in the coffee plantations of the Valle del Cauca region, it can be enjoyed with total satisfaction of This musical genre. Proof of all this is the Blues Festival on the Balcony, an event dedicated exclusively to blues and that will be held for the third time in the municipality of Seville (Valle).

This municipality in the northeast of the Valley will be the stage where some of the best Colombian blues performers will play. Just as in the streets of Memphis (Tennessee) every day a blusera melody is heard; for three days, between June 21 and 23, the guitar, drums, saxophone and harmonica solos of 17 invited bands will sound in the culture house of Seville, among which stand out
Carlos Reyes y Fatso de Bogotá, Vanegas Blues de Cali, Cafeto Blues de Armenia, Ugly Dogs de Sevilla y Sergio Guzmán Trío de Ibagué, entre otros.

For Juan Pablo Hernández, a 22-year-old Sevillian musician and one of the festival's directors, “our municipality is recognized by the Bandola Festival, which has a very long tradition, even here the Sevijazz festival is also held 15 years ago that attracts many exponents of this music, so that our musical tastes are very diverse and this has contributed to the development of the municipality, so in 2017 we decided to create the Blues Festival on the Balcony since we consider that there were musicians and receptive audiences also for this genre musical".

Alongside its rich landscape, as well as its agricultural and coffee economy, Seville is also an epicenter of tourism and culture. In fact, the name of this festival is an allusion to the beautiful landscapes that can be seen from Seville, which is why this municipality is considered ‘The balcony of Valle del Cauca’.

Among the artists who will participate in the Blues Festival on the Balcony will be the musician Carlos Elliot Jr., from the department of Risaralda, is known as the mountain blouse. Elliot Jr. already has three blues albums well valued by Colombian critics, but the most important thing is that he has been recognized in the American blues circuit, where he has even recorded albums with traditional bands from that country.

The Blues Festival on the Balcony is a private event created with the resources of its organizers and the support of the Sevillian merchants, therefore to attend the concerts that have been scheduled tickets must be purchased, which have very affordable prices for An event of this quality.

So blues lovers in our region now have a privileged space to listen to the best Colombian performers who keep alive the musical tradition that greats like Robert Jhonson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor and B.B. King

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