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Bandola Festival arrives with music in the wind in Seville (Valle)

The city celebrates the eleventh version of the event with activities for children and adults.

Bandola Festival arrives with music in the wind in Seville (Valle)

15 de agosto 2018 , 08:25 a.m.

This week of celebrations, the Valley offers a multiculturality of festivals for all families that enjoy the country's musical diversity and other artistic manifestations of the world.

The Bandola Festival in Seville, Valle del Cauca will take place from this Thursday, August 16 until Monday, August 21. Admission to '23 years of music in the wind 'is completely free.

It is one of the most prestigious festivals in Colombia since 1996. The event is convened by the Casa de la Cultura Foundation in Seville and the Bandola Group, two social entities with more than 30 years of successful experience in sustainable cultural projects of great impact.

It brings together 35 groups of traditional and contemporary Colombian music from different cities of the country in the Plaza de la Concordia. It is a free space of joy and healthy coexistence, which allows everyone access to culture, the exchange of musicians and the training of audiences for Colombian music.

The Festival is possible by the income of official, private and community sponsorships. It is arranged with the Ministry of Culture, the Governorate of the Valley and the Mayor's Office of Seville.

Approximately 5,000 tourists attend the big event. There are 36 hours of free and open-air live music. Around 400 artists perform on stage. A thousand children participate in children's programming.

Five activities will be carried out. 'Bandolitis', with the participation of guests from Spain; 'Cantorío de Mujeres' with the participation of singers from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia; 'Concierto Campesino', a tribute to coffee farmers in the region.

There will also be 'Expo Sevilla', a micro business handicraft exhibition and the 'Carnaval de Abrazos', which will be a community staging, where artists, visitors and local public participate.

Each year, the Festival highlights the artistic work of a national musician, awarding the 'Bandola Diego Estrada', recognition that this year will be made to Fabio Alberto Ramírez Caldense composer who made new proposals for Colombian Andean music.

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